Senator Storobin Takes His Seat

On Monday, the State Senate seated newly elected Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn).  He was elected to replace Democrat Carl Kruger, who resigned as he pled guilty to accepting bribes.

Storobin’s election increases the Senate’s Republican majority to 33 members, against 29 Democrats.  The 27th Senate District which Storobin was elected to represent will be substantially changed next January as a result of the redistricting process.

Senator Duane Will Not Seek Re-Election

State Senator Tom Duane (D-Manhattan), the first openly gay and HIV positive member of the State Senate, announced this week that he will not seek re-election this fall.  The 29th Senate District (which will become the 27th Senate District in January) includes Greenwich Village and the Upper West Side and parts of mid-town Manhattan.

An advocate for gay rights, Duane served on the New York City Council before his election to the State Senate in 1998.

State Legislative Candidate Petitioning Period Begins

The candidate petition process – in which people seeking to get on the ballot for the September 13 primary elections for Assembly and Senate – began earlier this week.  The petitioning process runs through July 12.