Ok, this blog is really more about perception rather than anything concrete and policy related.  But hopefully when you read it you’ll see the point.

So last weekend I took my son to a football camp in Ohio (BTW…if there are any coaches that want a college ready combo kicker for 2013…call me!).  We had a great time and found some time to bond.  But several things stuck out to my kid.  And they had nothing to do with football or our bonding.

Here were his observations:

  • He wanted to know why only New York asked us to pay for the roads we were using.  And he really wanted to know why, out in WNY, there were so many toll booths.  He said, “Shouldn’t you just have to pay once…if at all?” 
    • As a side note, his friend that was with us (Coaches…he is a Long Snapper) was able to sleep in the car while on the roads in Pennsylvania and Ohio but not in New York.  They were “too bumpy.”
    • We stopped for gas in Ohio.  It was $.39 cheaper per gallon.  He wanted to know why it was so much less. 
    • The billboards were not for law firms looking to get people to call them about accidents, malpractice or any other incident that leads to lawsuits.  This stuck out to him because he saw all the fireworks billboards (side note: why doesn’t New York sell fireworks and not just Sparklers?)


So what do I take away from my bonding trip with my son?  That he really does listen to me when I talk about work and that he does see the world beyond the end of his nose. 

But all kidding aside.  If a Junior in high school can see the problems with New York, why can’t our elected officials?  Why can’t they see that government does make it more difficult than it needs to be.  That our taxes are too high.  And that we do encourage lawsuits because the laws are slanted that way. 

The elections are just over 5 months away.  Be sure you are registered and be sure you are educated about the candidates.  And check back with us soon to review for our Legislative Scorecards later this summer.