I moved back to New York State after four years away at college last summer and there were a lot of things I had to reorganize when I got back.  I had to unpack, I had to get used to driving a car again, and I had to find a job.  But those were all immediate concerns.  Even though I’ve been here awhile now there are still things I continue to organize and consider.  Most recently, I had to register to vote.

The 2008 Presidential election took place in my sophomore year, so I had to make sure to register to vote in Missouri where I was going to school.  Back in New York State my vote’s no less important, so I had to make sure I could still be counted.

This is a big year in New York State.  Not only is it a Presidential election year it’s also a year of turn-over in our state legislature.  You read a lot on our website about problems taxpayers and businesses are having in New York, mandate relief, regulatory reform, rising taxes.  But we have no right to complain unless we’re ready to step up and do something about it.  That’s why you need to register to vote. 

Elections have been close recently, and we don’t want the wrong people in office because of a slim margin.  We don’t want the wrong people in office because people couldn’t, or didn’t vote.  Take the time to send in your form, so that come election-day your voice can be heard.  Come election-day you can let Albany know how you feel in the clearest way possible.  There’s still time, register now. 

Registering isn’t particularly hard in the age of the internet.  You don’t need to go out to find a form; you can print the proper registration right from your computer: 


Print it, fill it out, and mail it in.  Then you’re ready.