After the Legislature’s completion of its 235th session last night, Gov. Cuomo is taking a victory lap.  He has released a video, is making a number of radio appearances, sent supporters an e-mail praising “another great legislative session,” and is circulating a 36-page progress report of his administration’s accomplishments in its first 18 months.

According to the progress report:

“The 2012 Legislative Session was highlighted by continued success in Gov. Cuomo’s drive to transform our state.  We have laid the foundation for a new New York, but we must continue to come together to build our future.”

The report starts with New York when Andrew Cuomo became governor – “faced with a weak state economy, failed state economic policies, and a dysfunctional government that had lost the trust of the people….[he] set out to change the course of the state.” By putting politics aside and focusing on getting things done, he began to rebuild New York State from the ground up.

It goes on to recount his accomplishments, including passing a property tax cap, ethics reform, the Marriage Equality Act, and an innovative economic development program.

We share some of the governor’s enthusiasm for the progress Albany has made in the last 18 months – state government is in a much better place today than it was in 2010.

But we have much, much more work to do if we are to get our economy where it should be.  We have to let businesses operate without interference from the state, provide tax relief to our overburdened homeowners, and mandate relief to our local government and school districts.