This is the last scheduled week of the 2012 legislative session.  Just four session days remain (including today), and session is scheduled to end on Thursday, June 21.

Gov. Cuomo has told legislative leaders that he will not issue “messages of necessity,” which allow the Legislature to avoid the constitutionally-required three-day aging process for bills.

Outstanding issues that may still be addressed by the legislature include:

Cyber bullying: Agreement is possible on a bill to focus on awareness of the issue and to require schools to report cyber bullying incidents.

Marijuana possession: Gov. Cuomo’s proposal to decriminalize possession of up to 25 grams of marijuana in public is not likely to pass the Senate.  However, there could be a deal to ensure that public possession of small amounts of the drug is treated as a violation, rather than as a misdemeanor.

Protection of vulnerable populations:  Gov. Cuomo has made his proposal to create a new agency that investigates abuse at homes for people with special needs and disabilities.  The Senate has passed the bill, but the Assembly has raised some concerns about it.

Teacher evaluations: Albany leaders are reportedly close to an agreement that would make teacher evaluations available to parents, but not to the public.

Minimum wage and tax cuts: Increasing the state’s minimum wage to $8.50 per hour is Assembly Speaker Silver’s top priority this session, but the Senate is opposed. The Senate’s Republican majority prefers small business tax cuts and credits to promote job creation.

Anti-crime bills:  The Senate Majority is pushing for a number of anti-crime measures, including addressing Internet child pornography and insurance fraud.