Thank You for Voting For New York Businesses

33 Upstate Assembly Members Oppose Minimum Wage Increase

Unshackle Upstate would like to send a special message of thanks to the following members that made the tough, but correct, decision to not support increasing New York’s minimum wage:  

Assemblyman Amedore

Assemblyman Barclay

Assemblyman Blankenbush

Assemblyman Brindisi

Assemblyman Burling

Assemblyman Butler

Assemblywoman Calhoun

Assemblywoman Corwin

Assemblyman Crouch

Assemblywoman Duprey

Assemblyman Finch

Assemblyman Friend

Assemblyman Giglio

Assemblyman Goodell

Assemblyman Hanna

Assemblyman Hawley

Assemblyman Johns

Assemblyman Jordan

Assemblyman Kolb

Assemblyman P. Lopez

Assemblyman Magee

Assemblyman McLaughlin

Assemblyman D. Miller

Assemblyman Oaks

Assemblyman Palmesano

Assemblywoman Rabbitt

Assemblyman Reilich

Assemblywoman Sayward

Assemblyman Schimminger

Assemblyman Smardz

Assemblyman Tedisco

Assemblywoman Tenney

Assemblyman Walter



















While we believe that everyone deserves to receive an adequate wage for the work they perform, arbitrarily adding a 17% increase to the cost of doing business in New York is not the right approach.  This measure will add almost $3,000 per full-time employee onto employers’ payrolls – and ultimately force the state’s unemployment rate of 8.5 percent even higher. Raising the minimum wage will also drive up the costs of goods and services and slam the door on our young adults and many New Yorkersseeking their first job.

We appreciate these assembly members taking the time to examine all the facts and make an informed decision that will not only help the small business owners of New York, but the job seekers and taxpayers as well.


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