A recent independent study by the University of Buffalo outlined what many of us have been saying for years now: New York’s regulations regarding hydraulic fracturing will go a long way to keep shale development safe and prosperous.

The Binghamton Press & Sun Bulletin ran a front-page article noting this very impactful study which recognizes that New York will benefit from the experiences in Pennsylvania. John martin, director of  UB’s Shale Resources and Society Institute was quoted, saying “To me, New York has the adequate understanding and experience to manage this industry.”

To that I say, “ditto.”  Proponents of shale development have long held that the Department of Environmental Conservation will maintain the utmost regard for the environment while enabling the development of an important energy resource.

Shale gas development must play a key role in New York’s energy picture. It goes hat in hand with being “open for business.”  Having access to clean, local energy will aid in the growth of existing businesses – from the largest energy users to a small mom & pop shop.  It will also put New York at the forefront in attracting new and innovative companies.

I believe strongly that New York will get this right. We’ve had the benefit of time. Now it’s time to move New York forward.