Here we go again…the same old process is starting to rear its ugly head in Albany.  And when that happens, we all better grab onto our wallets.

During today’s AFSCME day in Albany, two high ranking elected officials told the attendees that the Governor needs to negotiate with them on the new Tier VI.  You can read more about it at

In his comments, Speaker of the Assembly Sheldon Silver made a rather disturbing statement.  Here is what he said, “As we evaluate proposals to reduce the cost of government, you can be assured that every worker’s right to a well-earned, secure, retirement is of the highest priority in the Assembly. We won’t allow that right to be jeopardized.”  Now, many of us have come to expect comments like that from the Honorable Speaker.  But similar comments were given by Tom Libous, Deputy Majority Leader of the Senate.  Not only did he agree with the Speaker, when pressed he said Cuomo’s proposal “needs a lot of work” and that Cuomo should also negotiate with the unions.

Here is one question that I want answered by someone other than the Governor…who is going to start negotiating with the taxpayers?  Why is it that whenever something comes up that affects the unions people automatically say you need to negotiate with them.  Yet, when it comes to raising taxes, creating countless unfunded mandates, and state spending no one ever negotiates with us.  And we pay the damn bills.

Well, time for us to speak for ourselves.  Click this link,, and send your letter of support for Tier VI as proposed. 

If they won’t negotiate with us, then we’ll just remember that come election time.