To say that last week was a whirlwind of activity would probably be the understatement of the year thus far.  I guess the good and bad news is that we still have time left in session to create another gross understatement.  But more on that some other day.

Since passing several pieces of key legislation last week, there has been a great deal of debate, quite a bit of analyzing, and a good dose of whining, specifically about Tier VI.  And I’d like to focus in on the whiners.  Because I think that they have shown their true colors and it should be eye opening to all of us.

Last Thursday, between the hours of 4:00-7:30 AM, the Tier VI pension bill  was passed in both houses with bi-partisan support.  It is projected to save New York taxpayers more than $80B over the next 30 years and offer a defined contribution option for new non-union employees.  And keep in mind…this does not affect ANY CURRENT EMPLOYEE.  Yet, there are some groups that have panned the plan, attacked the Governor and legislative leaders, and pledged to not support those that voted yes.  You can read some of their comments at, more at, and even more at  I encourage you to read and watch.

It is pretty clear that there is only one group that is complaining about Tier VI…the union leaders and those that owe their spot in Albany to the unions.  And it is difficult to understand their logic.  They profess that somehow passing Tier VI hurts current employees (not true if you listen to local elected leaders that spoke about layoffs if things don’t change).  But what is more confounding is how can they say that this benefits the 1% and hurts the 99%?  I simply don’t get it.

The passage of Tier VI  is something that will benefit the 100%…that is the 100% of us that pay the bills.  So, when you read the articles or see the ads, remember that what was passed helps all of us…the taxpayers.  And if you happen to see Governor Cuomo, thank him.  What he achieved was not easy.  And when you see your Senator or Assembly member at the store or at an event, ask them if they voted yes.  If they did, then shake their hand and thank them for supporting you.  And if they didn’t, well, I think you can guess who they decided to support.  And it wasn’t YOU!