Even though I know what all the hoopla is about, I still don’t understand the reason for the fuss.

I’m talking about all the controversy around Gov. Cuomo’s Tier VI proposal, which would create another employee benefit tier in the state pension system for future workers. This tier would be based on a defined contribution plan, making it more affordable for the financially struggling state and give workers an important role in their own retirement planning.

The change has been opposed by public employee unions, who say it undermines the benefits of their constituents. To that, I echo what Cuomo has said – these are future employees, people who haven’t even been hired, so they aren’t even union members. And benefits are not legacies that everyone is entitled to, without consideration of the state’s ability to pay.

I’m further perplexed by Comptroller DiNapoli’s opposition to the proposal. The governor’s proposal is sensible, much-needed reform. As comptroller, Mr. DiNapoli has an obligation to support the best interests of all New Yorkers, so we need – we expect – him to get on board and support the Tier VI plan.

If you agree, you can help by clicking to send a message to your legislator, telling them you want, you expect, you insist, they support Tier VI reform.