Ok, I get it that some rank and file members of the New York State Legislature don’t want to talk about the “controversial” issues for fear of drawing the ire of the long entrenched “we like the status quo” groups that walk the halls of the Capital.  But to quote Cris Carter, an ESPN reporter and former NFL player, “Come on man!”

Take a look at this video of Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli.  Fast forward to about the 4:50 mark and listen to the question asked by the reporter Liz Benjamin.  And then listen closely to the answer given by the Assemblyman.  I was floored by what I heard.

I have one response to his statement that things like the Taylor Law, the Triborough Amendment and the Wick’s Law don’t impact his constituents…”SERIOUSLY?  Is that what you honestly believe?”  If that is the case, then Mr. Magnarelli is way out of touch with his constituents and his knowledge of the impact of these laws.  Taylor and Triborough dictate the terms and conditions for collective bargaining which, as you can read in this blog and all over the Internet, do nothing but drive up the cost of local government by tilting the playfield to benefit the union leaders as they negotiate.  The Wick’s Law has long been shown to increase construction costs for public projects by as much as 20-30%.  So to say that these things don’t impact his constituents is, well, WRONG!

It is time for our elected officials to finally take on these tough issues.  We can no longer afford the cost of state and local government.  And we should no longer have to pay for things (like guaranteed pensions) that we ourselves do not receive.  We want to create affordable communities that we are proud to call home.  It is time to unlock our future by fixing antiquated and unfair state laws!