We spend a lot of time talking about mandate relief.  Probably more than we should.  But mandates are just so…costly that we are compelled to cover them.

So what is a mandate?  A mandate is a law or regulation passed by the legislature that often must be implemented by local agencies with no funding from the state.

But what exactly are we talking about when we say it’s important for the State of New York?  For the next few weeks, we will be posting one mandate every week day as an example of how mandates impact our businesses and local governments.  They raise costs, delay projects, and complicate matters for no reason.  They are…well…BURDONESOME!

We hope that you will continue to return to this page for more information (and a full list of mandates) as they are released.  And we really hope that you will share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

1)  Wage Theft Prevention Act.  This mandate on businesses requires that they prove they are paying wages to their employees.  So even though an employer provides a paystub, they still need to get an employee to sign a sheet of paper acknowledging their rate of pay.  What an over reach by the state.

2) Unemployment Insurance Base Period.  This mandate on businesses currently allows employees who have been fired, quit, or who have accepted and then left another job to still claim Unemployment Insurance through their original employer.   This raises the $ employers must contribute to UI and thus inhibits their ability to create new jobs and employ new workers.

3) Wicks Law.  This mandate on local governments requires that, pursue the use multiple contractors for public projects even though studies show Wick’s adds about 20-30% to the cost of a project.  This makes public projects even more expensive and in essence, wastes taxpayer $$$.