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A Message from Brian Sampson

Late in the evening on Friday, June 24, the New York State Legislature completed the majority of its business for the year and is now in recess for the remainder of 2011.  It is expected that the Senate and Assembly will return before the end of the year to address some unfinished business regarding public employee contracts and health care.

During this year’s session, Unshackle Upstate achieved a number of major victories for the businesses and taxpayers of this state.

In April, we helped advance an on-time state budget that reduced spending and was free of any significant tax or fee increases.

Last week, the Legislature passed and Gov. Cuomo immediately signed the two-percent property tax cap bill – our #1 legislative priority for this year.

We could not have done this alone, and I want to thank everyone who joined our grassroots efforts on the property tax cap as well as our partner organizations listed below. By working together, New York’s business community helped make this law a reality.

It’s also important to thank Governor Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Skelos, Speaker Silver and their legislative colleagues for supporting this vital measure. With the tax cap in place, we remain committed to advancing meaningful mandate relief and look forward to working with local government leaders in the effort to ease the burden of New York’s taxpayers.

Unshackle Upstate Needs Your Support

Unshackle Upstate continues to fight for Upstate’s taxpayers and job creators and for a New York State with lower taxes, lower spending, reduced mandates and reduced state debt. Our efforts to revive the Upstate economy and promote private sector job growth would be impossible without your support. Whether it’s $50 or $500, your contribution will enable us to amplify our voice in Albany and help fight back against well-funded interests that are committed to maintaining the status quo.  Only by working together, can we change New York and make it a better place to live and work.

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