So here we sit today waiting for what is now called the “big ugly” (what a bill that has many issues in it as opposed to being a single bill is known as),  to get introduced and passed by both houses.  From there, the “big ugly” is off to the Governor for his signature.

So what is in the “big ugly”?  Several key items for upstate NY:

  • A 2-percent property tax cap that will stabilize our taxes and provide predictability for homeowners and businesses
  • Mandate relief for local governments.  We need to find ways to change laws so that our local governments and schools can rein in costs
  • New energy producing facilities.  Renewing Article X would allow for new electric producing facilities to come on line and help lower our energy rates

At the end of the day, we hope to see the bills introduced so that we can proceed with voting.  It may have taken some extra time to get here, but in the end all of these have to get done.

For too long, we have experienced unprecedented increases in spending that have led to escalating taxes and numerous fees/surcharges.  But when passed, the future of New York is brighter (no pun intended).  I look forward to watching the rest of today’s session.  While it may be “boring” to some and “nuts” to others, it is fascinating to me and my other wonky friends.

As my boss Garry likes to say, “Onward and upward!”