Over the course of the past few weeks, we’ve heard that the finances of the state are not getting any better and that there are tough choices that need to be made and soon.  We can no longer kick the can down the road.  We’ve reached a dead end.

Yet, yesterday there was a bill introduced on independent redistricting and there has been lots of talk about ethics reform.   While these are important issues to our future, they will not have any impact if the state continues to bleed people and private sector jobs.

Earlier this week, we took to Albany with other like minded groups to push the Assembly to pass the Property Tax Cap bill.  This is such a vital piece of our recovery that we cannot wait for softer issues (see reform measures we just covered) to distract the conversation.  The reality is that property taxes impact each and every aspect of our daily lives.  If you have ever wondered what the total impact is, just look at these charts.  From energy to your grocery bill, a portion of what you pay is charged to you to cover the cost of property taxes.

It is time for our elected officials to keep their eye on the real issue…our state is broke, our laws are broken, and our taxpayers are no longer willing to wait for relief.  Don’t get distracted by the soft issues or by the emotional, fact less spin from entrenched groups that want the state to continue to use you as its’ ATM.   Keep the pressure on your elected official to pass a budget that spends less, avoids tax and fee increases, and deals with the structural cost drivers in the budget (our friend EJ McMahon points some of them out here.)  That is the only way we can recover.  Anything less and we are being cheated a brighter future.