After months and years of steadfast determination, it looks like New York will finally get the 2% property tax cap with no exemptions and no circuit breaker that we’ve been demanding.  Yesterday afternoon, 45 state Senators, in a bi-partisan fashion, passed the 2% cap that we need to start the process of reducing our tax burden.  We’d like to publicly thank those Senators.  So here is a big shout out to the following Senators:

Aye Adams Aye Bonacic Aye Alesi Aye Carlucci
Aye Ball Aye Farley Aye Breslin Aye Fuschillo
Aye DeFrancisco Aye Gianaris Aye Flanagan Aye Griffo
Aye Gallivan Aye Hannon Aye Golden Aye Huntley
Aye Grisanti Aye Kennedy Aye Klein Aye LaValle
Aye Johnson Aye Lanza Aye Larkin Aye Martins
Aye Libous Aye Little Aye Marcellino Aye Nozzolio
Aye Maziarz Aye McDonald Aye Ritchie Aye Savino
Aye O’Mara Aye Oppenheimer Aye Sampson Aye Smith
Aye Robach Aye Ranzenhofer Aye Skelos Aye Valesky
Aye Saland Aye Stewart-Cousins Aye Young
Aye Seward Aye Zeldin

If you see your Senator’s name listed here, please call them and simply say THANK YOU.  For once, we have a beacon of hope that progress will be made in Albany.  And yes, for those political pundits, it may only be a one house bill at this time.  But with the leadership of Governor Cuomo and Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, as well as a continued public outcry, I have no doubt that this will get passed in the Assembly as well.

If you’d like more information about the bill that was passed yesterday, our friend  EJ McMahon of the Empire Center did a fantastic job of breaking down the bill.  You can read more at  We also broke down our support for the bill and issued the following legislative memo,

Our future is getting brighter…but we need to remain vigilant.  It is time to deliver relief to the overtaxed residents of New York…the original special interest group.

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