As I sit here and think about tomorrow and the opportunity we have to get New York back on the right track, I am enthusiastic.  Why?  Because for the first time people are getting educated about each and every elected official ( and they are willing to vote.

I am enthusiastic that we can change the way our state government views the taxpayers and private sector businesses.  We can tell them clearly that the tax and spend program of yesterday must go away and be replaced with sound financial planning and a willingness to cut taxes to give us more and create more jobs.  How can we do that? By voting out those that have turned their backs on us.  It’s really a simple process.

Tomorrow, we can vote for 25 people that have made a commitment to us that they want to help fix what is broken.  That they are willing to cut spending, lower taxes, and create more private sector jobs.  That they will be independent thinkers that will act in the best interest of all of us, not just a few of us.

Please take the time to get educated and get to the polls.  The list of candidates below represent Unshackle Upstate endorsed candidates for tomorrow’s election. A vote for them is a vote for YOU. Get out and cast a vote tomorrow for our future… YOUR future.

NYS Comptroller:

Harry Wilson

NYS Senate:

NYS Assembly:

  • 105th District: George Amedore (R,C,I)
  • 108th District: Steve McLaughlin (R,C,Taxpayers)
  • 112th District: Tony Jordan (R,C,I)
  • 122nd District: Ken Blankenbush (R,C)
  • 125th District: Tom Reynolds (R,C,I)
  • 128th District: Robert Oaks (R,C)
  • 129th District: Brian Kolb (R)
  • 130th District: David Nachbar (D)
  • 131st District: Kenneth Krause (R,C,I)
  • 134th District: William Reilich (R,C,I)
  • 138th District: John Ceretto (R,C,I,Taxpayers)
  • 139th District: Stephen Hawley (R,C,I)
  • 142nd District: Jane Corwin (R,C,I)
  • 144th District: Brian Biggie (R,Taxpayers)
  • 146th District: Kevin Smardz (R,I,Taxpayers)