Although the polls have been closed for two days, the results of this year’s elections – and the impact they will have on the New York State Legislature – aren’t fully known. Still in play are just enough Senate seats that neither party can confidently claim to have control of the house.

But from Unshackle Upstate’s perspective, that doesn’t really matter. Because in the votes that were cast, we see a validation of our Judgment Day message that has us fired up for the 2010-11 legislative session. 

Judgment Day was about getting the right people into office – people who understood and respected the needs of taxpayers and job creators. Our message clearly had an impact as virtually every candidate campaigned on a platform of fixing Albany’s dysfunction and lowering taxes and spending.  That message resonated with voters, as the majority of our endorsed legislative candidates won their races. 

We’re calling it a victory for Unshackle Upstate. But potential for a much bigger, and more important victory lies ahead.

The 2010 Elections were just one leg of a distance race, and we won’t be truly victorious until we convince our legislators to change their tax-and-spend ways, to be more fiscally responsible by reducing taxes and aggressively supporting (or at least quit hindering) private sector job creation.

That’s where you – the taxpaying public, their constituents – come in. When we launched the Judgment Day campaign back in February, our main goal was to educate and empower voters across the state so that they could make the best possible decision in the voting booth. To help spread our message and our information, we drafted the Unshackle Army, now nearly 25,000 strong and growing. 

Now with the elections over, we’re asking you to stay tuned. We need that Army to stay engaged, to help us keep the pressure and ensure that our representatives follow through on their campaign pledges.

2010 was a galvanizing year for Unshackle Upstate, as we became a grassroots organization focused on putting in office state legislators who would truly be responsive to the largest special interest group – the taxpayers. We knew we faced an uphill battle. And although the election is behind us, we will not give up our charge. Unshackle Upstate will continue to be highly visible in Albany, pushing for the reduced state spending and lower taxes essential for future economic growth.

We trust you’ll be there with us. We’re looking forward to it.