We have just 14 days left until JUDGMENT DAY! It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for and your ONE vote counts! Let’s take a look back at what New York State taxpayers have been faced with so you will remember how important it is for you to vote on November 2, 2010.

212 seats are on the line and it is up to you to see which legislators are for you, for keeping and expanding businesses and for making our economy better. Check Unshackle’s list of endorsements and use your ONE vote to help get a pro taxpayer legislator in office who will embrace our agenda of reducing taxes, fees and assessments; cutting state and local spending; reducing state borrowing and curtailing mandates.

$171 a day our Albany lawmakers received to return back to Albany to vote on a budget that took 16 weeks to pass. Your ONE vote can help to get a legislator in office whose voting record demonstrates they have acted in the best interest of the NYS taxpayers.

$136 billion budget, passed predominantly along party lines, that raised state spending by 7.6%. There was obviously no balancing this budget! Your ONE vote could help get a legislator in there who will not vote to increase spending while NYS remains in a deficit.

125 days past the deadline, the New York State budget that we all waited for finally passed. What did we get out of it? Higher spending and more taxes with almost no presence of creating new jobs or improving the broken economy. Your ONE vote can elect an official who will not vote for numerous budget extenders just to give us a late and anti taxpayer budget.

62-member Senate that passed a 4% property tax cap. However higher than the 2.5% Unshackle proposed, your ONE vote could keep those in office that listened to the taxpayers need for a cap. Where was the Assembly with their votes?

8% of additional taxes and fees NYS taxpayers were hit with last year, and we are still getting buried. Your ONE vote will help to make sure that the average family of 4 no longer gets hit with $1300 of new taxes and fees.

Elected officials and Albany hopefuls have produced commercials, mailers and robo calls telling you what they plan to do, but ask them what they have done – get educated and informed. Share with your family and friends how important their ONE vote is…if we don’t get it right now, when will we?

The FACT of the matter is: Our Frustration should lead to Action that can bring about Change for our NYS Taxpayers. Vote based on facts, not opinion.

Your Voice. Your Decision. ONE Chance. ONE Vote.

11.2.10 – YOU be the judge!