In just 11 days, on November 2nd, 212 candidates, both new and old, will be elected to the New York State legislature, 62 members to the Senate and 150 members to the Assembly. These legislative races could possibly make or break our state. It is important that you know who represents you and what THEY truly represent. It’s time to GOTV – Get Out the Vote!

How do I know who my representatives are?

We are the voices of New York State, but our representatives speak for us in Albany.  If you aren’t sure who represents you visit the NYS Board of Elections website and find out.

All 212 seats are open, with the notion of Incumbents vs. Challengers, should I only support the challengers, does that invoke real change?

Not every incumbent voted for this unbalanced budget and was anti-taxpayer. Not every challenger has plans that align with Unshackle Upstate’s goals for job creation, no unfunded mandates, lower taxes and fees. If you aren’t happy with the way your representative has voted in the past, then take that step to vote for someone new. It is time to rebuild! We should pay attention to their voting record and plans to make New York State a better place to live.  Change will come when we turn our frustrations into action.

What should I keep in mind as I go to the polls on Judgment Day?

–          The current legislative body passed (predominantly along party lines) a $136 billion budget that raised state spending by 7.6%

–          The average family of 4 has been hit with $1300 of new taxes and fees

–          9 of the 10 highest taxed counties in the nation are all located in New York State

Some people only care about the statewide races and not the legislative, what can I do to help GOTV?

We have to start rebuilding our economy from the ground up. These 212 seats are most vital when beginning that process. While the statewide races are important, these 212 legislators represent each of us on a local level. They take our issues to the statewide level. We have to start somewhere, and if we want to see New York State keep their residents here, lower taxes and get businesses back we have to get the right people in office to do that.

What other resources can I use to make my decision & share with others for 11/2/10?

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) released their 2009-2010 Legislative Voting Record. The Business Council of New York State (BCNYS) released their 2010 Pro-Jobs Voter Guide agenda outlining key issues that affect New York State’s job climate.

Share with family and friends how we continue to get buried with taxes and how New York State has been nickel and diming us for too long.

It’s time to GOTV so we can take our state back! It only takes one and it starts with you!