I was talking with a colleague yesterday about the elections which are now just 33 days away.  Like me, she is excited to see that there finally seems to be a groundswell of activity in New York that is leading people to get educated about their elected officials.  And Unshackle Upstate and all New Yorkers are counting on people to make smart choices about whom to elect.

As I was getting ready to leave, she mentioned that her daughter was 18 and could now vote.  And then, in one of life’s AH-HA moments, she realized: her daughter isn’t registered to vote.  She quickly took care of that.

There’s a lesson in this story. 

It’s not enough to just complain about the “state” of New York.  We, you have to be willing to do something about it.  And that something is voting.  And to vote, you must be registered. 

The deadline for registering to vote on Judgment Day (Nov. 2) is Oct. 8.  Click here to get more information about where you need to register.

But don’t stop there.  Make sure that all of your friends and family are registered as well.  The only way to get a government that will represent us is to VOTE for people that believe in you and me, people who will take their responsibility seriously and work in our best interest.

But if you need an additional kick in the pants to motivate you to register, check out this report on property taxes released by the Tax Foundation.

What does this mean for me and you?  Our taxes, which are already too high, will just keep going up.  Why?  Because New York state’s pension fund is currently underfunded.  So the only way for your local government and school district to make up the difference is – drum roll please – by taking it from our pockets.  It is estimated that the average household outside of New York City will need to fork over an additional $220 next year.  And that is just to cover the pension being underfunded. 

We can’t continue on this path, my friends. 

It is time to elect people who will make the same tough decisions about state spending that you and I have done in our homes and businesses. 

So get registered and circle Nov. 2, 2010 on your calendar.  That’s Judgment Day, the day you get to judge the quality of candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, comptroller and your representatives to the Senate and Assembly. Let’s send the best ones to Albany and the others back to look for another line of work.

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