As I am sure you have read by now, tomorrow is the first step in our journey to take back our state.  Tuesday, Sept.14 is Primary Day.  It is a time when you and every other New York resident who is registered to vote and affiliated with a political party gets to exercise one of the greatest gifts given to us by our founding fathers and the many men and women that have defended this country.  It is the day you get to vote.  And it is your responsibility.

It is your responsibility to know when and where you will need to be in order to vote.  You can find out the site of your polling location by clicking here.  There is no reason for you not to get there tomorrow.

It is your responsibility to get out tomorrow and pull the lever of those who deserve your vote.  How can you find out who they are?  Well, a good place to start is our scorecard.  You can find it here. Take a look and see how your Assembly member or Senator scored (if you are not sure who represents you, click  If they are in a primary, they scored well and you are satisfied with their work, then vote for them.  But if you aren’t happy with their performance, and there is a challenger, then take the courageous step and vote for somebody new.  Help start rebuilding our state government.

It is your responsibility to help one another.  You do that by exercising your right to vote.  If you believe that your vote doesn’t matter, then you haven’t been paying attention.  Since 2000, more incumbents have been put out of office by indictment than by the voters.  That’s horrible.  We return roughly 98 percent of our senators and assembly members to office.  And what have we gotten for our effort?  Out of control spending, one of, if not the, highest tax burdens in the country and a state government that continues to disregard our calls for change.  We need to take a stand. And we need to start tomorrow.

Imagine where we might be today if half of you that decided not to vote had actually done so.  How might our state be different?  Which of the current incumbents might not actually be there?  What if the person you didn’t elect, because you chose not to vote, would have represented the final vote to defeat a massive spending plan that added more taxes and fees?  We don’t have time to hesitate, to weigh the odds or to assume our vote is meaningless. If we want to make a difference in New York State, we must take action NOW.  The possibilities start with us, and they start tomorrow.

Be sure to get out and vote.  And please continue to follow Unshackle Upstate as we seek to change how the government of the State of New York treats its taxpayers.  We will continue to fight for you.  We hope that you will continue the fight with us. Judgment Day—Nov. 2—is just 50 days away. Each day that passes between now and then represents a chance for us to join forces and take back OUR state.