Guest Blog by: R.W. Ball

Did you know that NYS will borrow up to $2B from taxpayers over
the next 3 years through tax credit deferrals included in the
revenue package?

No, I did not know.

As bankrupt as NY is, that should disqualify borrowing. A debt buyer should recognize that the full faith and credit of NY taxpayers is exhausted. Similarly
Federal aid, transferred borrowing, is exhausted.

Borrowing is an admission from our representatives of failure. There is
no acceptable excuse. The results should be critical bills, an on-time budget for example, passed and signed.

Bills of inconsequence, use of handheld cell phones for example, are not
results. Times at bat, number of swings, not even the number of triples
count. These are failures and not results. Sponsoring a bill without
reasonable probability of passage in the current session, or without
intent to aggressively pursue passage and signature, is not a result.
Knowing an incumbent’s positions is nice, but only results count for reelection.

Sending an incumbent who failed back to Albany is senseless. A person
who withdraws from responsibility using any excuse to intentionally not
vote is a fool. Voting ‘for’ based on a belief that an incumbent, a senior,
has more power is fallacious. Not one incumbent has succeeded in
ousting any of the dysfunctional legislative leaders. Bringing home the
bacon is not a consideration. We are suppressing or have lost our taste
for bacon which fattens our taxes. Sharing any bacon (which we would
borrow) by power and tit for tat is poor method.

Our NY government as presently structured and constituted is not
representative. Incumbents do not represent us. You and I are
responsible for choosing who will represent us. Our representatives are
accountable to you and me, when done accountable to us only. The
failures of our chosen representatives are our own. It’s time we get it
right, to make our best effort, to choose differently, somebody, anybody,
even one untried. Any mistakes we make may be corrected in short
time. Let’s vote without fear for new representatives and not