Earlier this week, Unshackle Upstate completed its 2010 Legislative Scorecard process when it issued reports on the majority and minority party leaders of the state Senate and Assembly.

Those scorecards – available at http://www.unshackleupstate.com/scorecard-new/ – offer a look at the voting records of all 212 legislators in regard to the important issues of reducing taxes, mandates and state spending.

That’s important information for voters to consider, but it’s just one part of Unshackle’s efforts to educate voters and mobilize them to vote on Judgment Day, Nov. 2 for the candidates who will truly represent taxpayers’ interests in Albany.

Up next will be Unshackle endorsements. The scorecard results will be one factor in making those endorsements, along with input from chambers of commerce in the candidates’ areas and a review of each candidate’s history of support for Unshackle’s platform.

Between now and Nov. 2, you’ll be bombarded with information on the candidates, each with a story to tell about why he or she should be your choice and why their opponent isn’t even worth consideration.

All I’m suggesting is that rather than relying on these commercials, take the time to do some research. See what groups like Unshackle Upstate, NFIB and the Business Council of New York State are saying about the issues and the candidate’s stances on them.

Then factor that information into a Judgment Day decision on Nov. 2, a decision to send to Albany only those candidates who truly understand the state New York is in and are willing to stand up and make the tough choices ahead.