You know that saying “good things come to those who wait?” If you are a New Yorker, you obviously appreciate the irony. We waited 125 days for:

  • A $136 billion dollar budget (they actually keep getting higher!)
  • A 7.6% increase in spending;
  • $5 million in back wages owed to members of the Legislature (this doesn’t include $171 per diem pay to cover expenses);
  • A $1.4 billion cut in aid to schools (translation: an increase in property taxes because school districts still have to pay for rising personnel costs ).
  • An additional $419 per person increase in state taxes (per capita)  since 2009; according to a recent US News report. This is higher than any other state – including California.  Another dubious distinction for New York.

I bet you are wondering why you still live in New York? You’re not alone. But resist the temptation to jump ship for one reason and one reason only: because this is the year to make a bold statement that enough really is enough. The leadership in Albany had its chance to give us something different this year – but missed the mark again.  

Join Unshackle Upstate’s efforts to unite New Yorkers for one common goal: Judgment Day.  Go to UPAC  – our statewide political action committee. Make a donation. Make a difference.