Watch for Unshackle Upstate to make news on Monday.

That’s when we’ll announce the results of our 2010 Legislative Scorecards. We’re calling these scorecards a voter’s guide to Judgment Day, Nov. 2, 2010.

That’s because from these scorecards, which we’re issuing for all 212 New York state legislators, you – the taxpaying voter – will be able to determine which of our lawmakers acted with your best interests in mind. For instance, who voted for reducing taxes, cutting spending, reducing state borrowing and mandates. And who just paid lip service to those important issues.

Let me give you a little preview, share our methodology. We’ve been keeping an eye on all the legislators – what bills they sponsored, what they supported and what they opposed. And we’ve assigned a value to their actions.

For instance, legislators could earn up to 60 points depending on how they voted in committee and on the floor on items supported or opposed by Unshackle. For instance, those who opposed a bill that would have required overtime pay for farm workers (a bill that was fortunately defeated), earned points.

Also in the calculation, up to another 25 points depending on how they voted on the 2011 state budget. In other words, those who voted against it got 25 points, those who voted for it got 0.

Legislators had a chance to improve their scores by up to 15 points by sponsoring bills that Unshackle Upstate supported. But they could also hurt their scores, losing up to 15 points by sponsoring bills that Unshackle opposes.

But these scorecards, revealing as they may be, are just one step in Unshackle’s endorsement process. They’ll be factored in with other measures, such as whether the candidate has a history of supporting or opposing Unshackle, as well as the candidate’s responses to our questionnaire and input from the chamber of commerce in each candidate’s area. All will be used to compile a list of endorsements we will be releasing in the coming weeks.

Why do we do all this? Because we at Unshackle Upstate feel it’s essential that you enter the voting booth on Nov. 2 armed with the facts and prepared to make a judgment. Did the candidates on the ballot before you stand up for you as a taxpayer, take the actions necessary to lower your taxes and create jobs? Or was the candidate more interested in securing re-election by advocating for the demands of a select few?

Read the scorecards. Study our endorsements. Then on Nov. 2, you be the judge.

Go to the voting booth and help us take back our state government. Send Albany a message that our elected officials work for us – the state’s largest special interest group – the taxpayers.