Five reasons we’re counting down the days (all 77 of them) ‘til Election Day (aka Judgment Day) …
5). While New York families have been making cuts to their household budgets and getting by with less, Albany lawmakers ok’d a budget that spends a whopping $136 billion of taxpayers’ money. That’s an increase of $5.4 billion over last year.

4). Albany electeds signed off on a plan to renege on the contracts the state entered into with private sector employers, even though those employers held up their end of the bargain by hiring people, rehabbing property or adding green technology to their plant. Now many businesses will only receive a portion of the tax credits they have budgeted for 2010, 2011 and 2012.

3). How do Albany electeds treat their economically struggling constituents? They throw $1.2 billion in new taxes at them.

2). How do Albany electeds treat economically struggling small businesses in their districts? They approve measures that increase their healthcare costs.

1). 76 percent of New Yorkers favor a statewide property tax cap. Yet, measures to adopt one lay dormant in the state Assembly.

Please mark November 2 “Judgment Day” on your calendar, get your friends, co-workers, family and neighbors to vote (and register via your local board of elections if they haven’t already!) and stay tuned in to

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