Over the past few weeks and months, we have used this blog as a mechanism to get you information, to give you a voice on important matters and as a means to make light of the complete dysfunction that exists within the walls of the state capital.  But today, I’d like to share something serious with you.

As you know, we have committed to supporting the right candidates for office. To facilitate that process, we created a Legislative Scorecard (to be released soon) showing exactly how elected officials voted on key issues.  And when you confront “politics as usual”, you are taking on and battling political opponents and entrenched incumbents.  It’s not easy.  People will fight back.  We’ve taken our lumps.  But I am pleased to say that we’ve dished out a few of our own.  But the real “fight” begins now.

Earlier this year we launched UPAC, the political action committee of Unshackle Upstate. UPAC, a completely nonpartisan entity, will be actively supporting a tightly focused group of NY State candidates who want to fix this state and put it back on the right fiscal track and make it work for us.   But we cannot do it alone. To be effective, we need your support. Employers and employees are fleeing New York for economic opportunities elsewhere, driving up unemployment and leaving fewer of us to bear a tax burden that continues to increase despite these economic realities.

Unshackle Upstate created UPAC for the specific purpose of altering this dynamic. Our mission: Reshaping New York’s tax and regulatory structure which today, quite candidly, is extremely hostile toward employers and the jobs they create, as well as to taxpayers. We envision the New York of the future as a state where people can thrive. But to achieve this vision, we need people in elected offices in Albany that truly share our vision and will actively move it forward. We need people who will represent the best interests of New York’s state’s largest special interest group – its taxpayers.

That means we must vote out those who are blocking our recovery…incumbent state legislators whose voting records have empowered the “tax and spend” mentality that has long dominated Albany, whose refusal to adhere to fiscal responsibility and spending restraint demonstrates an openly hostile attitude toward the state’s business and taxpayer community. It also means that we must get solidly behind challengers to those Albany incumbents, candidates who are committed to reining in our state budget.

Please join us today. Make a donation to UPAC (www.unshacklepac.com) and help us bring a new attitude to Albany, a new group of dedicated leaders who will actively support the business and taxpayer community by reducing taxes and creating more private sector jobs. Proceeds from contributions will be used to promote and support candidates across the state who champion Unshackle Upstate’s core ideals

Time is running short, and New York State’s future is at stake.