I love road trips and I always have.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that I would prefer to travel alone.  I don’t like making too many stops, I like to listen to my own music and I do not want to hear that age old question, “Are we there yet?”  But that’s how it’s kind of been for us, the New York State taxpayers, a long road trip with no ending…the end, being the budget.

More than 100 days have gone by and about 15 weeks have passed, yet still no budget.  It seems like the stops on this road trip are endless! How many more stops before we reach our final destination?

Our “legislative road trip” began with promises of fun, savings, stability and a timely arrival of April 1st.  Our 212 tour guides, remember there is a lot of us on this trip, got us excited and trusting for what was in store…little did we know….

After going through Paterson, New Jersey, we reached the Property Tax rest stop.  We ran into a group from Massachusetts who had been at the rest stop for awhile and were very familiar with it since they have been very successful after introducing the 2.5% property tax cap.  Upon leaving, we saw a bus from New Jersey pulling in.  Just recently, Governor Christie of New Jersey signed a 2% property tax cap bill.  While they were new visitors themselves, they planned on staying around for awhile.  While we should have stayed and chatted, considering a tax cap is one form of relief that would go to everyone and we are 79% above the national average of property taxes, we didn’t stay there long.  Apparently, our tour guides, who we will call “legislators”, decided it wasn’t worth the time, so we left.

More time was wasted as our bus got a flat tire and we had to wait for two of our “legislator guides”, who we’ll call Sampson & Silver, to negotiate the most effective way to get it changed.  We were there for hours.

We stayed overnight at the hotel for Taxation and Fees, the rooms were quite expensive but our guides decided that instead of cutting spending for the night and going to the less expensive hotel to balance our trip budget, we would just use the “extra” money that we really didn’t have.

We kept on traveling and made a quick, unannounced stop and one of our legislator guides said something about going to “borrow” a few dollars.  Wouldn’t it have made more sense to spend less throughout the trip so when we got low on money (some had none at all) we wouldn’t have to borrow to cover our past expenses? Sounds like a deficit just waiting to happen.

I don’t know about you New York, but I’m tired of this trip.  I’m ready to arrive at our location, destination: budget.  We cannot allow our tour guides “legislators” to take us on this lengthy trip year after year.  Judgment Day is coming! For those that didn’t listen, make that THEIR last stop.

Hey Albany, are we there yet?