Judgment Day is only 137 days away.  We, the taxpayers, are waiting.  We are waiting for change…waiting for a budget…waiting for our legislators to listen to what we have to say.  We’ve made some progress, but there still is a great deal left to do.

So, for the past 3 months, what has been going on? What are we still waiting for? What state are we in?  Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the UGLY!

The Good

  • The Governor has stated publicly to support no borrowing in the budget plan
  • UU social media campaign experienced record growth to over 19,000 fans – indicative of significant voter dismay.
  • UU developed and pushed $12 billion in acceptable, recurring spending cuts
  • 2 dozen business groups traveled to Albany to opposition against Dirty Dozen
  • Unshackle Upstate has submitted a REAL property tax cap legislation similar to Massachusetts Proposition 2.5

The Bad

  • Governor – had to issue a drop dead date for the budget (not necessarily a good one) to be passed by June 28th
  • Upstate NY continues to be the home of the 10 highest taxed counties in the country as percentage of home value.
  • Legislators have yet to enact the $12 billion dollar proposed budget cuts
  • NY’s Medicaid budget stays greater than the entire budget of more than 43 states.
  • A property tax cap has still not been put in place to offer ALL residents of NY some tax relief
  • The Senate passed the prevailing wage mandate for service workers which will extend wage mandate requirements to private businesses with a focus on energy companies (more taxes for us!)


  • The budget has YET to be passed (Are we even shocked?)
  • Paterson’s budget proposal includes $2 billion added to the budget, $1.4 billion in new taxes
  • Spending levels would increase about 4% over the current budget
  • Legislators want to control growth instead of cutting spending… (Hello! It’s still growing!)

What does all of this mean?

It means you’ve got to speak up, you’ve got to get your voice heard…and you have 137 days left to make it happen!  Send a letter, send an e-mail, make a phone call and tell your legislator that you are not happy! http://bit.ly/8ZFjCp

The Judgment Day Scorecard (click here for sample) will be frequently updated to provide New Yorkers with information on how each of the 212 legislators vote on various pro-taxpayer and job creator legislation, as well as on this year’s state budget. So by the time November 2, 2010 rolls around…you’ll know exactly what to do!

Judgment Day is coming…let them know that we’re watching!