Regrettably, the lyrics have changed to the once popular “NY State of Mind” song.  It’s now “NY State of Disarray” which includes new phrases such as “A state that can’t seem to stop spending increases”  and “Having representatives that no longer serve the interests of the State.”  Moreover, recent verses have just been added that include “Politicians that violate the citizen trust” and “Voter apathy in NYS that seems ever increasing.”

The good news is that there’s opportunity to rewrite that tune and give new lyrics to the song “NY State of Repair.”   We do this by getting involved.    It will take interested and active citizens to drive the discussion and changes necessary to repair our great state.   What do we mean by “repair”?  It’s ensuring our representatives are accountable to the citizens of NYS to drive economic improvement to the State:  lower unemployment, a business climate that supports entrepreneurial activities, lower taxes for all NYS residents to improve their quality of life, a vibrant educational environment, and a State government with integrity and ethics that is responsive to it’s citizens.

What can you do to help rewrite the “lyrics” and move NY state from “disarray” to “repair”?

–       Get involved!  Join

–       Follow your State Legislators votes

–       Write/Call your State Legislators – demand accountability

–       Support Candidates who will change NY – this can be time and/or financial support.

–       Leverage Social media to follow your Interests: Facebook and Twitter are two social media vehicles that allow you to engage and follow your interests.

–       Finally, make your voice heard!  Contribute content to social media sites that express your interests and your ideas for change.   Did you know that user participation on the web follows a 90-9-1 rule?  90% of users are “lurkers” (i.e. read or observe), 9% of users contribute from time to time, and  1% of users participate a lot and account for most contributions.