It was yet again another interesting week in NY politics.  We started with a Governor announcing he will not seek re-election and ended with two congressional members in hot water with one actually announcing he will resign Monday at 5:00 PM.  And we still have no idea what is going to happen with the Governor.  Is he next?  One could say it is yet another black eye for New York.  I would disagree with that thought.  I think what this shows is that there is hope this year for all of us that have been banging the drum that politics as usual in New York must stop.  It is the fear of the public backlash that is helping to drive the investigations and resignations.

Sometimes we tend to forget what it is that makes New York so unique.  You see, we tend to be our own worst enemy when it comes to touting the good things about New York.  That is why we posted a new question to our Facebook page asking people what they like about New York.  What did we hear?  The good schools, great higher education, an A+ workforce, short commutes, natural resources and it’s great place to raise a family.  We couldn’t agree more.  Think about it, how many other states can claim the following:

  • Access to two great lakes
  • The Finger Lakes with world class wineries
  • Multiple mountain ranges
  • Two rivers with access to an ocean
  • Ability to host the Winter Olympics
  • Home of global icons such as Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Xerox, GE, IBM, Moog, GM and many more
  • One of the best metropolitan centers in the world…New York City

So then why are we so down on ourselves?  True, we’ve lost lots of people, thousands of private sector jobs, and suffer under one of the worst tax burdens in the country.  But all of those things can be changed.  We can create the jobs, return our young and lower the tax structure.  We work hard everyday to make that happen. And tens of thousands of you have joined us in the fight to take back our state.

But what we can’t change are the things listed above that have either drawn us to New York or keep us here.  Those treasures are worth fighting for and require all of us to stand up and tell our government one very clear message…THIS IS OUR STATE AND WE ARE TAKING IT BACK!!!

Now we need the 212 members of the Legislature to join us in the fight to return New York to its’ rightful place…at the top of the economy and global leader in developing private sector jobs. If not, then they don’t deserve our vote and shouldn’t be at the Capitol representing us.

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