How many of you remember the book from a decade back called Where’s Waldo?  That is what this week felt like…where’s Unshackle Upstate today?

Our week started in Albany at a rally with over 100 grumpy Upstate residents.  Tuesday we lobbied our elected officials and told them very clearly: we cannot accept a budget that adds spending or new taxes or fees.  While some agreed with us, others made excuses about why the budget was actually okay, and that many of the laws we highlight shouldn’t be changed.  Really?  We couldn’t disagree more.

Sidebar:  As a result, Unshackle Upstate has created a report card that will score all 212 members of the legislature.  And many of the items we covered will be on that report card.  As an upstate resident, you will be able to use that report card to see how your legislators voted and determine if they should be re-elected.

Wednesday was spent building the Unshackle Army in Rochester and Buffalo.  We added another hundred or so fans to the Army and added money to our PAC.

Thursday we went down to the Mid-Hudson and recruited firms in Orange and Ulster County to join us.  They get the point…state spending and high taxes are hurting their region and Unshackle has the right plan to take back the state…OUR state.  And later this month we will be down in Westchester County sharing the same message and call to action with them.  This truly is a statewide initiative.

Today was a personal appeal to some influential community leaders to support our plan and help us raise the money we need to win some seats this fall.  There was overwhelming support with many of them committing not their help with growing the coalition, but giving money as well.  We even walked away with a few checks for the PAC and a commitment for more.

So after more than 1,000 miles this week, what did we get?  We sent a clear message to the elected officials, added more names to the Army, and started to fill the PAC account.  Not bad for 5 days.  But there is more to come.  Stay tuned…