Sorry for the delay. We are at the capital and the day got away from me.

Last night, more than 100 upstate leaders gathered in Albany for a rally. The conversations made one thing clear. We are unified in our call for change at the Capital. Elected officials need to represent us.

Those that don’t… well, the voters will judge who should return.

So today we turn our attention to visits with elected officials. We will share our message of no increased spending, no new taxes, no new fees and no increased state debt.

But today also brings intrigue. The Senate today will decide on expelling one of their own from their ranks. What does that mean?  Senator Monserrate could be voted out by his colleagues.

What that could do to the Senate is anyone guess. The courts will surely be asked to intervene. Yet the laws aren’t clear.

The bottom line is that regardless of the decision, we must push ahead. We have a clear path to change and we will continue to walk it.

Please stick with us. Join our Army as we march with a message that our government must work on OUR behalf. If they do, we will get the results we need and want. If they don’t… well, November 2 is Judgment Day, when WE can seal their fate.